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  • Billesley ARK Volunteers CIC
    Posted by Matt Trollope June 27, 2018

    Billesley ARK Volunteers CIC

    We're really pleased to be able to announce that our wonderful group of volunteers are now a fully constituted membership group. 

    It was always part of the 'vision' for our centre that it should be 'run by local people, for local people' and so it was a great pleasure to be notified by Companies House that Billesley ARK Volunteers CIC is now a properly registered company.

    Over the coming weeks we will introduce them to you in more detail, letting you know;

    who they are,
    what their unique contribution to their community is, 
    how they hope to develop it.

    So, watch this space!!

  • Malachi volunteers working with Healthwatch Birmingham
    Posted by Matt Trollope June 10, 2018


    Healthwatch Birmingham is the independent champion for people who use health and social care in the city. They listen to what service users think is good about a service, bad or could be improved about services.  They cover all services like GPs, hospitals, dentists, opticians, pharmacists, care/nursing in the community and care in residential homes. They use feedback and experiences of service users to drive change and improvement in local services.


    Malachi volunteers have been given the opportunity of working with Healthwatch Birmingham in the roles of Community Engagement volunteers.  The role will provide an opportunity to develop new skills, build on existing experience and knowledge whilst also supporting any CV gaps.


    Volunteering with Healthwatch is a great opportunity to give something back to the community and make a real difference to local people. Community Engagement volunteers will engage with a wide range of individuals and communities, working at different venues and locations including public spaces and events.  Volunteer will also be able to make a difference to health and social care services on behalf of Healthwatch by gathering public experience and supporting Healthwatch’s research and investigations.


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