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  • Genealogy & Local History Group
    Posted by Matt Trollope 27 June

    Genealogy & Local History group



    Long time volunteer and friend of the Billesley Ark, Pete Haylor has set up a Genealogy and Local History group running right here at the Ark!


    Fresh from producing his history of Billelsey and Surrounds, Pete would love to share this passion for local history and how we all have connections to our local area and landmark moments in history right here in Billesley. 


    Click the above link to join the group and get involved!

  • Project Jigsaw: Connecting the Community
    Posted by Matt Trollope 27 June

    Project Jigsaw: Connecting the Community



    Project Jigsaw is a new community project being piloted by the Co-op that will involve collaborative working with a number of community organisations/groups across Birmingham.  The Co-op have employed several Member Pioneers for Birmingham and Stephanie Nixon is the Member Pioneer for Yardley Wood and Billesley.  Stephanie will be looking at ways to tackle loneliness in Billesley and Yardley Wood; working with local organisation including Malachi Community Trust to enable outreach teams to help encourage those who are housebound or lonely to get involved with the different groups and activities within the community.


    With collaborative working the aim of the project is to create and build a stronger sense of community and to encourage outreach workers to promote and support those who are housebound, lonely or isolated find a group to join, whether they be seniors or single parents looking for suitable groups to join. 


    For more about the project you can visit the projects open Facebook group at: Yardley Wood Community Engagement.



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