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  • Mooted News February 2018

    Mooted News February 2018

    Healthwatch at Billesley ARK

    Last Friday, our volunteers management group met with Hannah from 'Healthwatch'. Hannah explained to us that her organistion has been set up by Central Government to improve the flow of information between us (as users of the NHS) and those people who are employed by the NHS to provide the service. There is a 'Healthwatch' in all the major towns and cities in the country.

    Our session last Friday gave our volunteers a chance to express their own thoughts and feelings about the NHS across a whole range of differents issues.

    • Are there enough doctors in Billesey?
    • Can you get an appointment when you need one?
    • Lack of community based mental health service.

    The really good news is that they're not going to disappear! So often we see people coming into the area, asking for our opinion and then disappearing! Well that's not going to happen this time, 'Healthwatch' are here for the long-term.

    So watch out for 'Healthwatch'! For the time being, you can give your views on the NHS and the quality of Birmingham's social care services on Mooted. As time goes by we hope to be setting up drop-in's and other opportunities for you to help shape the future of these vital services in Billesley.


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